Gabriella Antique Cushion Chatham Alexandrite Halo Diamond Ring

Gabriella Antique Cushion Chatham Alexandrite Halo Diamond Ring

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Center Stone Size
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The focal point of the Gabriella Ring is a stunning AAA quality Cushion Shape Lab Grown Chatham Alexandrite, which actually changes color! The mysterious Alexandrite is framed by a distinct halo of crisp white VS quality diamonds.  The Gabriella’s designer look is accented by the textured cable style shank which is comfortable and adds depth. This elegant ring is the perfect present for for the June birthday girl, or any gem lover. This ring is finished with a bright polished shine and is custom-made to fit her ring size.

When the sun shines, alexandrite is green. By candlelight, it’s red. How cool is that? Chatham crystals of alexandrite take months to grow. We’re thrilled to make this rare gem available for people like us who have always wanted one.  

The Chatham Alexandrite stones we offer are true laboratory grown alexandrite, the famous color-change chrysoberyl variety, with the exact same physical, chemical and gemological properties as the mined gems. Some suppliers sell a chemically treated color-change synthetic sapphire as “lab grown alexandrite.”  It isn’t alexandrite and it doesn’t look at all like the real thing. It has a slight color change from blue to purple.  If you see “alexandrite” that doesn’t change from green to red, you’ll know that it is just an inexpensive imitation. Ebay is full of fakes.  It makes us sad that people will buy one of these impostors and miss the chance to see the magic of real alexandrite for themselves.

Available in different shapes, and gemstones.  Custom options available upon request- contact us with your inquiry.

accent stones diamond

The quantity of accent stones as well as total carat weight will vary with your selection of you main stone size and shape.

  • 6mm center -18 stones
  • 7mm center- 20 stones
  • 8x6 center- 20 stones
  • 8mm center- 22 stones
  • 10x8 center- 24 stones
total diamond weight*
.18 carat minimum
diamond clarity VS
diamond color
stone type white diamonds
enhancement natural
minimum metal weight*
4 grams
 diamond & metal weights will vary based on chosen metal

Type of Gemstone:

Lab Grown Chatham Alexandrite

Center stone shape


Center stone 


choose from

6mm,7mm, 8x6mm,8mm or 10x8mm

Center stone

(carat weight*)

  • 6mm          1.39 carat
  • 7mm          2.20 carat
  • 8x6mm     1.85 carat
  • 8mm          3.29 carat
  • 10x8mm   4.11 carat

Gemstone Grade

*Gemstone and Diamond, weights are approximate
Our lab grown colored gemstones come with a Lifetime Warranty card guaranteeing repair or replacement due to damage caused from ordinary circumstances. Wear and tear are excluded.


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