Story & Hearts was started on the premise that a jewelry purchase should be more than an online transaction.  The Morfino family has been involved in the production of jewelry for over 70 years.   Founder Peter Morfino was taught at an early age the importance of building jewelry the right way.  Jewelry tells a story, and that story lives in the hearts of those whom cherish it.  As jewelry is passed down from generation to generation, it becomes a priceless heirloom.  Todays Modern style does not lend itself as well to the creation of heirloom jewelry, however Morfino still believes that quality should be the foundation in which all jewelry is designed. 
In the early 2000's Peter Morfino watched as the jewelry markets became dominated by marketing wizards with deep pockets.  These firms were owned and founded by people with MBAs from Ivy League schools, and whom knew nothing about the fabrication of jewelry, nor did they care about whether it was made correctly or not.  The model they used was simple. Get investors to give seed money, feed their marketing machine, show profit, and sell the company.  This powerful strategy made Brick and Mortar jewelry stores lose business to online sellers, and eventually it opened the doors for a jewelry market that was not even selling jewelry made from precious metals.  "This always bothered me, especially when the company's neglected to pay their bills and built their profits on the backs of people whom cared about the industry," says Morfino.   Social media today is a powerful tool, and with it, Peter Morfino hopes that he can help tell the story of his family's jewelry.  The purchase of jewelry should be more than a business transaction, and in order for that to happen, the buyer should know the story of where it came from, whom it was purchased from, and why.