Choosing the right jewelry for a loved one is not always about just the look, it’s about story, and what it represents- Your Love!  


If you are thinking of buying a gift for another person, you must know the meaning behind the ring, bracelet, necklace, watch, brooch, or any other jewelry piece you choose for them.

To help you better understand some of the most important meanings, here is a simple guide to finding the right piece that has the appropriate meaning.


While it might seem logical or fun to start with the look or feel, perhaps most important is the function or symbol.

Here are the top 5 symbolisms of jewelry:

Romantic: promise ring, engagement ring, wedding ring, anniversary ring, eternity ring
Achievement or Affiliation: championship ring, doctoral ring, signet ring, class ring, cameo ring, pledge pin
Meaning Rings: birthstone ring, friendship ring

, mourning ring
Functional: watches, tie pins, cufflinks, brooches, hairpin, buckles
Artistic: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, knuckle rings, anklets, toe rings
Religious: rosaries, medals for first communions and baptisms

Once you know your jewelry’s symbolic meaning, you can then consider the look and feel.


There are so many different types of gems that it can become confusing to know what each means. Choosing by look can be helpful, but there are also meanings behind each precious and semi-precious gemstone.

Diamond: initiation, purpose and clarity
Emerald: love, compassion and abundance
Rose Quartz: love, trust and emotional healing
Ruby: life force, courage and passion
Jade: abundance, energy, wellbeing
Amber: warmth, well being, nurturing
Amethyst: protection, cleansing, intuition
Quartz: manifesting, amplifying
Sapphire: focus, discipline and inner vision
Pearl: represent self-care, nurturing and healing
Turquoise: wholeness, truth, communication
Onyx: focus, discipline, self-mastery

Of course, these are just the popularized meanings. Each gemstone will also have your own personal meaning, so it is important to choose whichever resonates with you the most.


While the dominant feature of most jewelry will be the gemstone, it is important to consider the metal. Many people will have a preference for a type of metal, and it is typically chosen for look and feel.

Gold is probably the most popular go-to choice for rings and jewelry in general. When people think of gold, the first image that comes to mind is usually yellow gold, however, there is also white gold and rose gold. This variety of colors is what makes it a popular choice. It has strong durability and can tarnish over time, but with proper care will last for many years.

Silver is the most affordable of the big three precious metals. Many people prefer the look and feel of silver, as it produces a bright and shiny effect. While it is the less durable than other precious metals, it does last and resist scratching and tarnishing.

The meaning behind jewelry is different from culture to culture, and person to person.

If you are buying a gift for another person, the more you know about the meaning of the gemstones and metals, the more they will appreciate and value the gift.

Using this guide as a starting point, you can choose a unique jewelry piece that holds meaning and is loved for years to come.