Jewelry is often expensive purchased as a gift for a special occasion, however at times, we are purchasing a particular piece of jewelry for ourselves.  Perhaps you have old jewelry that you do not wear and would like to make a special piece that you can wear every day.  Perhaps you inherited a family heirloom that does not fit or is outdated.  Let's make it something you can enjoy wearing!  Whatever the reason you would like to custom make a piece of jewelry, we can help! You don't necessarily have to buy the piece of jewelry, all I am offering here is the plans, and I can help you visualize how fantastic this jewelry can look.  Manufacturing that piece is separate and cost will be determined by the materials and labor involved in bringing your design to life.

SHIPPING: Free Shipping on all orders within the U.S

  • All rings, pendants/necklaces and earrings are made to order and will normally ship within 10-14 Days 
  • Custom made items take 14-21 Days  from the day the final renders are approved
  • In addition transit within the U.S. will take an additional 2-3 days


Cancellations and changes of orders are feasible up to the shipping date.  Special orders and already shipped items are not subject to changes or cancellation.  Please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance if the order you want to change or cancel is already shipped. 


you may ***return your items within 30 days starting the day your receive it, restrictions apply:


All jewelry is made to order and special care is taken to ensure our high quality standard is present in every order. Expected delivery time in most cases is 14 - 21 days, however it is possible in some case we can expedite the process. Contact us if you need something in a rush, and will  try to accommodate.

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