Why Choose Lab Created Diamonds?

Why Choose Lab Created Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are an increasingly popular, attractively priced option. 
Very Subtle Differences
Lab-grown diamonds exhibit the same optical, physical, and chemical properties as natural diamonds.    In July 2019, MVI Marketing asked 1,154 millennial consumers aged 21–36 if they’d consider a lab-grown diamond for the center stone of their engagement ring. A whopping 67% said yes — and 21% said maybe.  
  Laboratory-grown diamonds (also sometimes referred to as man-made or synthetic diamonds) entered the gem and jewelry market in commercial quantities about five years ago. Although identical in appearance to natural diamonds, they have very subtle differences that can only be detected by trained gemologists and sophisticated equipment designed for that purpose.


As they’re grown in a controlled environment, the processes used for lab created diamonds are extremely safe and pose no threat to the people working on them. As a result, these diamonds are also Sustainable. On the other hand, the mining process is not only dangerous for the miners, with risk being a major part of their lives, it also adversely affects our fragile eco-systems




Lab Grown Diamonds are almost 50-60% cheaper than mined ones, with absolutely no difference in quality and purity. Just imagine a bright, sparkling diamond at practically half the cost! 


While the diamonds that are mined normally take centuries to develop fully, CVD diamonds can be grown in the lab in a couple of weeks.


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