How to get a Flush Fitting Contour Wedding Band

How to get a Flush Fitting Contour Wedding Band

In todays modern bridal engagement ring styles, designers often make a perfectly matched wedding band for each particular engagement ring style.  This not only allows the designer to have a good chance at increasing the price of the bridal sale, but it also ensures that the wedding band will fit nice and flush next to the engagement ring.  A wedding band should always sit flush with the engagement ring!  The reason for this is that if the two rings rub each other the wrong way over time, they will actually damage each other and the diamonds can become loose or chipped.

There are times, however, when the matching wedding band is not available, or perhaps just not desirable.  In that case, a custom contour wedding band may fill that void quite nicely.  There are a two ways to go about purchasing a custom made  matching wedding band. Let us discuss your options!

The traditional way is to visit your local jewelry store and have them take possession of your precious engagement ring for a few days or weeks.  Their jewelers will attempt to fabricate a custom band that will curve around your engagement ring and match it's style.  This process is usually quite effective, however it also tends to be very expensive as It takes many bench hours to fabricate a contour band that fits just right, and jewelers don't work for free! The cost of this labor is built into the price of the custom ring.

In todays era, it is not always convenient to visit your jeweler, but luckily it is possible for you to utilize our patented contour measuring tool.  This patented tool allows you to test 12 different contour rings against your existing ring, and select the contour that best matches your engagement ring.  It is our experience that there will often be more than one contour that will match your ring, in which case you will decide which you like the most.  Once you learn the contour measurement that fits your ring, you may order that exact contour ring, in a diamond or plain style ring of your choosing.   We offer 25 different style bands and you may even add hand engraving to customize your choice even further!  

Click here to see matching procedure in action!


Ordering the measuring tool

Unless you plan to go into business measuring the curvature of peoples engagement rings, we do require you to return the measuring tool once you successfully measure your rings curvature.  The cost of the tool is $299, which is 100% refundable when you ship it back to us. To compensate you for your trouble we even include a discount code which you can use to purchase your actual diamond band.  Unfortunately there is no better way to measure the curvature of your engagement ring, even at your local jewelry shop.


If your interested in learning more, please contact me, and I will be happy to discuss this custom option further.  

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